This valve is used for Group 24, 27 and 31 deep cycle batteries with 3/4" openings.

Tubing Barbs

The tubing barbs eliminate the need for clamps, and they are angled to make installation easy in tight configurations.


The z-Lock feature integrates the tee piece with the valve for added strength.

Indicator Eye

This unique indicator eye is visible from the top and side. It confirms proper operation of the valve.

Low Profile Design

The valve design reduces the risk of damage from battery cables.

Push-in Base

Installation is fast and easy: Gently push the valve into the vent well to install. No twisting is necessary to lock the valve in place.

Solid One Piece Float

Acid, temperature and impact resistant float is solidly constructed and cannot absorb water.

Spark Arrestor

The spark arrestor prevents flames or sparks from entering through the battery vent opening.


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