5 Gallon Gravity Feed Tank

The 5 gallon (18.93 liter) gravity feed tank can be used for water delivery in almost any application.

The 5 gallon tank ships with the 09FBLU1 connector unless otherwise specified.

When filling with the 5 gallon tank, always remember to position it at least three feet (.91 m) above the batteries to ensure proper water delivery.

Tank shelves are useful and can be purchased separately.

Always disconnect the tank after watering. It should never be left attached to the watering system after watering is complete.

It is compatible with all competitor connectors, however it should not be used with competitor injector systems.


Tank Part Number  Comes With Connector     (Part #)


Connector Picture                                         

NT2000GN 09FBLU1  09FBLU1 Connector
NT2000G 09GRF1  
NT2000GFR 09FUM1  
NT2000GWM 09CUM1  
NT2000GPS 09PHISCI-1  
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