Industrial Valve Guide 


Battery Watering Technologies has a valve to fit every battery type.  If you don't see your battery type listed, please give us a call to have it added.

Do you need to order a kit? First, find your valve part number by using the chart below. Once you have determined the appropriate valve, click here to determine additional information needed to order your kit.



Manufacturer Battery Type Valve Needed
Battery Builders FPLM VB-TB4
Bulldog   VB-TB4
C & D C-Line, V-Line, EM-Line VB-TB4
Crown Battery   VB-TB4
Deka  D35, D45 VB-TB3.5
  Other D Series VB-TB4.5
  MaintenanceSaver, MaxPowr VB-TB4.5
  HydraSaver, FastCharge VB-TB4.5
Douglas 45DL, 45DLO VA-TB4
  60DL VA-TB4
  85DL, 85DM, 85DA VA-TB4
  90DL VA-TB4
  100DL, 100DM VA-TB5
  125DL, 125DM, 125DA VA-TB5
  170DL VA-TB5
EnerSys Workhog®/Loadhog®/Superhog®   
   E55-L VB-TB4
   E75-L VB-TB4
   E75 VB-TB4
   E90 VB-TB4
   E100 VB-TB4
   E110 VB-TB4
   E125 VB-TB5
   E140 VB-TB5
   E155 VB-TB5
   E90D VB-TB4
   E100D VB-TB4
   E125D VB-TB5
   E140X VB-TB5
   E100X VB-TB4
   The General®/HUP®  
   55GL VB-TB4
   75G VB-TB4
   75GL VB-TB4 
   85G VB-TB4
  100G VB-TB4
  125G VB-TB5
  85P VB-TB4
  85P (FC) VB-TB5
  100P VB-TB4
  125P VB-TB5
  125P (FC) VB-TB5
GNB *mfg before 3/12 GNB Flat Plate / Titan VB-GLP
         *mfg after 4/12 GNB Flat Plate / Titan VB-TB4WO
  Tubular HP VB-TB4WO
  Liberator VB-TB4WO
 Hawker Water Less®/Powerline®/ Top Power® VB-TB3.5
  Energy Plus (L,E,C,X Series) VB-TB3.5
  Energy Plus (K Series) VB-TBY
  Top Power® VB-TB3.5
Powerflow   VB-TB4
Surrette Battery 5000 Series VB-TB5SX
  All Others VB-TB5S