This bayonet style valve offers a longer valve stem for industrial batteries. 

WIDEST PRESSURE RANGE - The valves operate with pressure from 3-35 PSI using our filling devices. House static pressure should never be more than 90 PSI. If needed, a variety of pressure regulators are available to lower pressure.

5 YEAR WARRANTY -The valves are warranted for a full five years (fast charge for three years). If a valve causes a cell failure due to a manufacturing defect, the valve and the cell will be repaired or replaced. 

FASTER - With less time spent watering batteries, employees will have more time to take care of other responsibilities.

SAFER - The internal working components of the valve are above the cells, keeping them out of the electrolyte. The level indicator eye verifies proper valve operation. Valves should only be removed during routine maintenance, eliminating the risk of battery acid exposure or damaging floors and equipment.

BETTER - Battery Watering Technologies’ valves add the correct amount of water every time. With proper battery maintenance, you can add years to the life of your batteries.