Part #: PW-1800


To protect your equipment and extend the life of your batteries, the deionizer kit from Battery Watering Technologies can easily and inexpensively remove harmful impurities from the water. Dissolved impurities in standard tap water will degrade your batteries and decrease battery life and performance over time. The system is cost effective and easy to use.

How much capacity can you get from the cartridge? It depends on the quality of your water. If water has particulates or sediment, a pre-filter is recommended. At three grains per gallon of total dissolved solids you can expect 1000 gallons or 3785.4 liters of capacity. If you want a more exact answer, just send a sample of your water and we can tell you the approximate gallons of capacity you can expect from our deionizer.

Our deionizer comes with an input and output hose. It connects to your choice of Direct Fill Link, Manual Watering Gun, or an approved competitor filling device.

Note: This is not a filter. Never use for drinking water.

This Water Deionizer is DC powered. 
For AC power please click here.