Part #: NC25LPXB

Lithium Pack - 25 Gallon
Blue Connector (09FBLUT3)

The Direct Fill Link included with the Aqua Sub Xtreme™ Power Pro Cart works with low profile watering systems that have the 09MBLU1 or 09MBLU2 quick connects.

The Aqua Sub XTREME™ Power Pro is a lithium powered cart. The interchangeable 56-Volt 5.0Ah battery uses industry-leading technology that keeps the battery from overheating so equipment runs longer at full power. The removable battery allows the user to replace or purchase additional battery packs for continuous run times.

The new cart features a space-saving upright design that is easy to maneuver. The translucent tank allows monitoring of the water level while in use.

Includes Direct Fill Link with Blue Connector (DF72)