Part #: GMAN1


The manual watering gun cannot be used with automatic watering systems. It is used to manually fill each cell one at a time. In addition, it must have pressure to operate properly.

Cannot be used with single point watering systems.

  • Fills batteries quickly at approximately 1.7 GPM (6.4 l/m).
  • Flow diffuser slows the rapid water flow to a gentle spray. 
  • Minimum incoming water pressure is 15 PSI. 
  • Nozzle diameter is 0.67” (17 mm). It fits into the flip-top vent caps as well as all standard quarter-turn, bayonet and DIN openings. 
  • Reliable automatic shutoff fills to the correct level. Shutoff is powered by the water. No solenoids, electronics, or wiring. Unique design eliminates post shut-off drip.
  • Rugged ABS plastic industrial design with a comfortable, easy to squeeze handle.
  • 45° nozzle is angled to make the gun comfortable to use - no awkward bending over the batteries to add water.
  • Lock-in-place level control keeps fill depth from changing. 
  • Instant ROI. Compared to hand watering, the gun reduces labor costs.


The manual vent caps allow for fast and easy battery watering when used with the manual watering gun.
Just flip open the manual vent caps, insert the manual watering gun to fill each cell and then close the manual vent caps.


Manual Bayonet
Vent Cap


Manual Push-in
Vent Cap